Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Just revealed...

...is October's Tea and Yarn Club colorway. It can be seen in the right hand column.

Side notes of the day...I got out of the shower this morning and Katya says to me: "Mom, you stink! You stink really good! Yes, you stink really good!"

All was going well today, until I smashed my left pinky finger in the bathroom door! It hurt like h***!! (JDN-good thing I didn't bring you the Hypericum-cause I'm almost out!) Still does hurt, but not quite as bad! I'm not doing so well at typing, this is going to be short...

We all took a nap after that, I felt much better. Katya fell asleep on the coffee table! (It's padded!) I didn't get a picture, she got up before I did...


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